After Dark Intimate Wipes

Welcome to, after extensive research and product testing we would like to introduce to you our first product After Dark Intimate Wipes.

After Dark Intimate Wipes are made from 100% Bamboo and contain Aloe Vera which is enriched with Vitamin E. The Bamboo Material provides extra soft, silky and holds a lot more moisture in order for you to enjoy what we offer.

What do you use them for you ask?

They can be used for multiple scenarios:

* Before and After Intimate moments – for both him & her

* Pre or Post Gym sessions

* To freshen up before or clean up after – lets be honest who showers BOTH before and after every intimate moment? … I know we don’t!

* Impromptu moments – when your out and about or feeling a little naughty we are conveniently packaged to take us with you

* That time of the month to feel fresh

After Dark Intimate wipes can be used by both Males and Females and is also Anti-Bacterial – which means it can be used as a Toy Cleaner, its PH Balanced & Alcohol Free. Our Unique formulation along with our 100% Bamboo material is suitable for sensitive skin types as they are Hypoallergenic and gently on the skin,  removes those unwanted odours leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh and moisturized. After Dark Intimate Wipes are also Not Tested on Animals..

We are happy to introduce to you our latest product – 100% ORGANIC HEMP SEED MASSAGE OIL – we are in love with this product – it offers so many benefits and can be used for just about anything – to name a few – Pure Natural massage oil, skin moisturiser, anti-ageing, eczema, hair treatment, dandruff, makeup remover, soothes rashes or waxed skin etc.

Life’s too short to worry about the small things, so enjoy yourself and let us help you clean up the mess.